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Happiness and Wellbeing

Happiness & Wellbeing

Happiness in your team's life and work life influence each other, in a two-way flow.
Business and Science

Business & Science

Wellbeing is an investment, not a cost. Research finds that it improves health, productivity, performance and loyalty.
Set up and Go

Set up & Go

MAP Workplace is smart, quick and easy to set up - and provides instant, real-time results.

How to get there

It's like a GPS for happiness.
You instantly feel and perform
better at work with MAP.
Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

No annual fees. No set up costs. MAP charges pre-paid, on-demand user credits. Use them as little or often as you like.
MAP is Unique

MAP is unique

It has a unique understanding of the importance of personal wellbeing in the workplace, mechanisms and algorithmic analysis.
Private and Confidential

Private & Confidential

Each person's information is encrypted, aggregated and kept in cloud storage by MAP.

Your destination

Learn about the science.
And how MAP helps
your workplace to flourish.


Happiness and Wellbeing

Invite Individuals

Enter the email address of each participating person in your team, organization or company. MAP facilitates the rest.
Happiness and Wellbeing


Each person receives two 10-minute questionnaires - one each for personal wellbeing and workplace wellbeing.
Happiness and Wellbeing

Instant, real-time results

After completing the questionnaires, each person receives their Wellbeing Reports inside their private dashboard.
The manager or team leader receives Wellbeing Reports for the workplace as a whole entity. All information is encrypted and anonymously aggregated.

Why MAP? "We tend to think of wellbeing as health or mental-health. However, this does not capture self-fulfilment, engagement, flourishing and opportunity."

American Journal of Public Health, 2015