Designed by leading scientists, business analysts and thinkers, and creative, interactive minds, MAP is a revolutionary program that can help any team or organization of any size.

MAP lets you tap into the wisdom and secrets of success of a select number of companies in the world.

Hanover Insurance, for example, went from rock bottom of its industry to being consistently in the upper quarter in profits, growing 50% faster than the industry within ten years, according to an MIT study.

Bill O'Brien, President of Hanover Insurance, drove this success. He reconstructed the company around a core set of values and beliefs about people. The manager's fundamental task is to "provide the enabling conditions for people to lead the most enriching lives they can," he says.

O'Brien achieved all this back in the 1980s. Hanover Insurance's current counterparts are companies such as Google and Starbucks.

Google has consistently been voted America's number one place to work, and engagement, alignment and culture have always been at the forefront of management's priorities. Their approach was present from the beginning, such as when founders Sergei and Larry worked in a friend's garage and hired a chef to feed the team with large barbecues.

At Starbucks, the rich culture created by founder Howard Shultz was critical to the company's success. When Howard left Starbucks so did the priority of engagement and alignment. The stock price reflected that shift in priorities by falling more than 50% in one year. On returning to the company to rescue it, Howard said he wanted to restore Starbucks' values. The share price increased overnight by 9% and now continues a renewed ascent.

A wonderful tool for authentic leadership and the release of energy for creativity and innovation in teams and organizations.
- Professor Robert Marshall