Standout Features of MAP for Workplace
Receive accurate understanding of results, while safeguarding staff anonymity with heat maps
Check in from anywhere with our cloud-based software program
See your organization from a new perspective
MAP is unique and stands out due to its broad, in-depth and substantial approach to engagement and alignment, combined with the following features:

Above and beyond a staff survey

MAP is substantially more than just another staff survey. It helps your workplace improve engagement and alignment of shared positive values, vision, goals and purpose of your workplace, and ultimately, create wellbeing.

Underlying this approach is a broader, in-depth and detailed process that provides:

  • Measurement (quantitative)
  • Assessment (qualitative)
  • Assistance and Guidance to achieve life improvement and develop wellbeing for your workplace

Can be used by any size of team or organization

You can achieve improvement in your workplace with MAP, regardless of how many people are participating. MAP is designed to perform just as well, whatever the number that you choose.


MAP is designed to respond to the specific needs and features of your workplace.This response is enabled by the program's online tools, which are based on a complex underlying computational algorithm on the MAP website that facilitate individual input and feedback and enable participants to work out for themselves how to improve.

Ease of use

The online tools of MAP, which are explained with clear instructions on our website, make it simple and efficient to access and use the program.

Private and confidential

Each individual's measurement, assessment, assistance and guidance (and the data related to them) are encrypted and aggregated by MAP and held securely to protect privacy

Flexible pricing

No annual fees. No set up costs. MAP works on a system of pre-paid on-demand user credits, which can be used as little or as often as you like.

Quick benefits and ongoing improvements

The measurement and assessment of current workplace engagement, alignment and wellbeing are provided on the spot, which lead to immediate insights. These form the basis for a real-time, ongoing process of feedback and change

Connect Accounts

Connect separate MAP accounts across your organization to get a broader and deeper insight into its wellbeing. Connected Accounts provides the functionality required to manage the expansion of the experience across the entire organization. The accounts stay aggregated no matter how broad the view becomes.

How does MAP work?

Shared culture, vision, values and purpose are essential for high-performance and success in your workplace. MAP helps achieve them through improved engagement and alignment - and ultimately, creating wellbeing.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a state of being that relates to the:
  • Individual person, which is called personal wellbeing
  • A whole entity - such as your workplace, which is called workplace wellbeing

The higher the level of personal wellbeing, the better able the individuals in a workplace will be able to contribute to improving workplace wellbeing.

The higher the level of workplace wellbeing, the greater the likelihood of high-performance and success for the workplace. This applies to a team or organization of any size.

Personal Wellbeing

Personal wellbeing is a state of complete physical, mental and social health.

It is not merely the absence of negative things such as disease, health problems or deprivation. It is when a person's life is full of positive things, including:

  • Having values that guide your life
  • Having a vision, goals and purpose for your life
  • Realizing your own potential
  • Working productively and fruitfully
  • Making a contribution to your friends, family and community
  • High self-esteem, optimism and vitality
  • Coping with the normal stresses of life
  • Having positive personal relationships
  • Engaging with people in a positive way

Wellbeing is different to happiness, which is a feeling or emotion in response to something nice like eating an ice cream, buying a TV or celebrating a loved one's birthday. Happiness is obviously a great feeling, but it is also short term, and can come and go quickly.

Wellbeing, in contrast, is more stable. Rather than being a temporary feeling or emotion, instead it is regarded as a long-term mood, such as satisfaction and contentment - a state of being well.

Workplace Wellbeing

Just like the individual person, the workplace as a whole entity has its own wellbeing, called workplace wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing is the engagement and alignment of shared positive values, vision, goals and purpose of:

  • the individual people in a workplace
  • between the workplace and its individuals

In other words, it occurs when everybody is working on the same, positive page - and of course, the positive page (values, vision, goals and purpose) has to exist in the first place.

Personal and Workplace Wellbeing - A two-way flow

All of the above means that workplace wellbeing occurs as a result of a two-way, ongoing and ever-changing process, between individuals and the workplace.

So the higher the level of personal wellbeing for the individual, the better able that individual can contribute to improving workplace wellbeing.

At the same time, workplace wellbeing is measured and assessed through each individual person's experience and viewpoint of how much engagement and alignment shared positive values, vision, goals and purpose actually is present in the workplace.


MAP drives the measurement and assessment of the current level of engagement and alignment and, ultimately, wellbeing of a team or organization - and provides assistance and guidance to work out how to improve them.

MAP for Workplace utilizes two specific MAP tools:

  1. Personal MAP to measure and assess personal wellbeing
  2. Workplace MAP to measure and assess workplace wellbeing

Each tool involves answering questions about your life. In the end you receive an analysis of the answers, which helps you gain insight, learn and change to improve wellbeing.

Personal MAP

A Personal MAP involves answering a set of questions on the MAP for Workplace website that relate to personal wellbeing in specific areas of your life, including:

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Family
  • Community

These answers are analyzed utilizing a highly sophisticated computational algorithm located in the cloud and a report is then produced that provides:

  • A quantitative measure of the amount of your current wellbeing (0 % - 100 %)
  • A qualitative assessment (description) of your current wellbeing
  • Assistance and guidance to help the individual work out what to do improve wellbeing. This is also called finding your own path to improve wellbeing.

In the report, the above areas of your life are called "spheres". The more attention and drive we bring to each of these spheres, the greater the opportunity for success in every other sphere.

The interaction of these spheres are represented visually in the report as overlapping circles, called the Metacenter. When all the spheres are in an ideal state of heightened wellbeing, they are in a perfect alignment.

Workplace MAP

Workplace MAP involves individuals answering a set of questions on the MAP for Workplace website that are utlized to measure and assess the engagement and alignment of shared positive values, vision, mission and purpose in your workplace, and ultimately, wellbeing.

In other words, whether individuals in the workplace are working on the same, positive page - and to what degree the workplace has a positive page, in the first place.

The questions focus on practical and relevant areas of your workplace, including: Culture, Team, Operations, Market, Product.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality, the answers to these questions that each individual provides in the Workplace MAP are only available to that person. They are encrypted, aggregated and kept in storage.

The answers to the above MAP questions are then analyzed utilizing a highly sophisticated computational algorithm located in the cloud and a report is then produced for:

Each individual

  • A quantitative measure (0 % - 100 %) and qualitative assessment of the current wellbeing of your workplace from your perspective as an individual
  • Assistance and guidance to help you as an individual to work out what you can do to change and improve the current wellbeing of your workplace.

The executive, manager or team leader, each receive a:

Quantitative measure (0 % - 100 %) and qualitative assessment of the current wellbeing of your workplace, through aggregation of all the individuals' resuts.

Once again, all of this information is aggregated to ensure the individual's privacy and confidentiality are kept. You alone can see your Workplace MAP.

Insight, Learn and Change

MAP regards each team or organization as a unique ecosystem, having its own particular strengths vulnerabilities, opportunities and challenges.

MAP can provide insight into your team or organization's current wellbeing so you can work out and learn what to do to improve engagement, alignment and, ultimately, create wellbeing - for the individual and workplace, as a whole entity - and commence an ongoing process of change.

A wonderful tool for authentic leadership and the release of energy for creativity and innovation in teams and organizations.
- Professor Robert Marshall