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In our modern world we have complex financial systems, a futuristic array of military arsenal, and space probes far beyond our solar system, and yet we still know precious little about human wellbeing, what wellbeing could mean for society and, simply, what steps are required to live a beautiful and rewarding life.

MAP is a part of a new scientific movement to change that - one person, one relationship, one family, one organization and one community at a time.

MAP crafts beautiful tools that fuse science based insights with beautiful design. While our tools are people driven, our insights are science driven. We work closely with leaders in fields like neuroscience, psychology, and organizational behavior.

MAP's design methodology is a little different. The tools are designed around observations of the natural world. Just like nature is held together by balance and structure so are you and I, our families, our workplaces and our communities. MAP helps us to bring dynamism, structure, and balance to the way that we think and live and to tune our behavior to interact with others in a way that is both meaningful and dynamic.

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